AC Maintenance: Sign Up for Our Priority Plus Protection Plan

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the best ways to make sure your AC system keeps your Ridgeland, MS, home cool and comfortable this summer. Signing up for the Priority Plus Protection Plan gives you peace of mind that your air conditioner won’t suddenly stop working when the heat and humidity put your system to work. If you’re considering purchasing an AC maintenance plan, read on to learn some of the benefits of doing so.

Lowered Energy Bills

A well-maintained air conditioning system runs better. It uses less energy to keep your home cool, resulting in more efficient cooling. Cleaning the system’s coils and replacing dirty filters helps the system conserve energy during operation. According to the Department of Energy, you can reduce your AC system’s energy consumption by between 5% and 15% simply by replacing a dirty filter with a clean one.

Prevent Emergency Breakdowns

Nothing is worse than your air conditioner breaking down during a heat wave. Not only does your home warm up quickly, but you might have to wait several hours or even days to get AC repairs. Professional AC maintenance services check electrical connections and calibrate the system to ensure it’s operating according to manufacturer specifications, making it less likely your air conditioner will suddenly stop working.

Extend the System’s Lifespan

Air conditioning systems can last 15-20 years when they’re well-maintained. If you want to get as many years out of your system before you need air conditioning replacement, the surest way is to schedule yearly AC maintenance. Not only does annual air conditioning maintenance extend the system’s lifespan, but it safeguards the manufacturer’s warranty protection.

Invest in AC Maintenance Today

Contact Springfield Heating and Air to learn more about our AC maintenance services and Priority Protection Plan. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you enjoy peace of mind this summer.

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