Do I Need a New HVAC Thermostat in Brandon, MS?

If any part of your HVAC system becomes compromised, you may have to deal with energy efficiency issues and a decrease in proper temperature control. Your thermostat, for example, is vital to instructing your furnace when to produce heat. The following are a few easy-to-spot signs that mean it’s time to consider an HVAC thermostat replacement in Brandon, MS.

Incorrect Temperature Readings

A thermostat not registering proper temperature readings could be a big problem. You should routinely check your thermostat with a portable indoor thermometer to ensure it’s correctly sensing the temperature. If the temperature is incorrect, it may be a result of issues like age, and a professional needs to evaluate what may be the problem.

Frequent Short Cycling

A thermostat that can’t correctly read your home’s temperature may tell your furnace to turn on and off more frequently or not at all. Short cycling is when your heating system turns off before finishing its proper heating cycle. In addition to skyrocketing your monthly costs, short cycling also causes additional wear and tear on your furnace that could increase your need for HVAC maintenance.

High Monthly Utility Costs

The more your furnace overworks, the higher your energy bills will rise. When your furnace isn’t working as it’s supposed to, such as when it short cycles, it can cost you more over time.

Doesn’t Accept Setting Changes

Your thermostat should always adhere to your temperature preferences. If it doesn’t, such as that it defaults back to its original manufacturing settings, it likely needs replacing to an upgraded model.

It’s time to replace your old HVAC thermostat if it’s giving you significant problems that even a repair won’t fix. Call Springfield Heating and Air for all your professional heating service needs in Brandon, MS. We offer 24-hour emergency services, so you won’t have to wait for help.

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