Should My Heat Pump in Ridgeland, MS, Run Constantly?

A heat pump should only run continuously when the indoor temperatures are extreme. Otherwise, running constantly indicates underlying problems. Here are some issues that can make your heat pump in Ridgeland, MS, run constantly:

Refrigerant Leaks

During the warmer months, the refrigerant absorbs heat at the indoor evaporator coil and moves it to the outdoor condenser coil, which releases it to the surroundings. The fluid changes direction during the colder months and transfers heat from the outdoor to the indoor coil.

When the fluid starts leaking, its volume reduces, leaving minimal refrigerant to move heat from one area to another. Consequently, your heat pump runs incessantly to transfer heat with the little refrigerant left.

You can detect refrigerant leaks by listening for hissing or gurgling noises. Seek the repair services of a professional service technician to take care of refrigerant leaks, as the fluid harms human health and the environment.

Dirty Condenser Unit

Being outdoors exposes the condenser unit to multiple pollutants. When left unchecked, these contaminants accumulate on this component and restrict airflow.

Since the outdoor unit cannot release heat efficiently, your system runs without breaks to dispose of more heat. Consider scheduling regular maintenance to keep all your system’s parts clean.

Undersized Heat Pump

An undersized system cannot satisfy your home’s cooling or heating load. The system constantly runs since your indoor temperature needs are overwhelming.

Consider replacing an undersized heat pump with a correctly sized one. A service technician can help you choose a correctly sized system by calculating your home’s heating and cooling load.

Clogged Air Filter

If you don’t change your air filter regularly, pollutants will build up on it and block airflow. As a result, your heat pump will run continuously to draw more air. Consider replacing your air filter often; we recommend every 30-90 days.

Contact Springfield Heating and Air whenever you’re looking for professional air conditioning services. We’ll eliminate all your issues to ensure your heat pump creates a comfortable indoor environment for your family and friends.

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