3 Heat Pump Sounds That Should Worry You in Madison, MS

Heat pumps generate about the same amount of noise as air conditioners. They often make vibrating noises and clicking or tapping sounds when starting or completing a cycle. However, other sounds indicate the heat pump at your home in Madison, MS, has underlying problems.

Loud Banging

Loud banging noises within your heat pump indicate a loose metallic component. Since these systems vibrate as they work, the screws and other parts may come loose over time. When the fan operates, its blades may hit the loose component, creating the sound.

Continued use of the system can damage the internal components. When you hear banging sounds, turn off the heat pump to avoid damage, then call an HVAC service technician for repairs. Regular system maintenance can prevent this problem, as the service technician will tighten components during the visit.

Gurgling and Hissing Noises

Heat pumps use a refrigerant that absorbs heat from outside and transfers it into your home in heat mode. When cooling your home, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor environment and moves it outside. The refrigerant may leak when there are cracks or gaps within the lines, often at the connector points.

Heat pumps have a compressor that pressurizes the refrigerant. In case of a leak, you can hear hissing sounds as the pressurized refrigerant escapes as a gas. If it’s leaking as a liquid, you may notice gurgling sounds.

Rattling Sounds

The outdoor unit can make rattling noises because of debris in the housing. Make sure the outdoor unit is always clean, and trim any trees and bushes that might drop twigs and leaves on it. Refrigerant piping that is too tight can also cause the system to make rattling noises.

When your heat pump makes weird sounds, we can make them stop. Contact our service technicians at Springfield Heating and Air for heat pump repair and any other HVAC services you need.

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