3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Your Thermostat in Ridgeland, MS

Your thermostat acts as an intermediary between yourself and your HVAC system by relaying your temperature needs. Therefore, using the device incorrectly affects how efficiently your HVAC system regulates indoor temperatures. Here are some common thermostat mistakes that homeowners in Ridgeland, MS, make and how to avoid them:

Using the Wrong Settings

If you look at your thermostat, you’ll notice four distinct settings. These are heat, cool, on and auto. The “heat” setting instructs the HVAC system to heat your home, and the “cool” setting prompts the system to provide cool air.

“On” and “auto” settings control the system’s fan. When you use the “on” setting, the fan runs continuously, even when the system isn’t running a temperature regulation cycle. For instance, if your HVAC system has finished a heating cycle during the cold season, the fan will start distributing cold air.

The most appropriate setting to use is the “auto” setting. The setting prompts the fan to distribute air only when the system runs a temperature regulation cycle, ensuring the fan only distributes the air that the system has heated or cooled.

Installing the Thermostat Incorrectly

If your thermostat is too close to heat-generating or cooling appliances, it’ll read temperatures that are different from other rooms in your house. Also, if the thermostat is near children’s reach, they may play with it without your knowledge.

Request a service technician to install your thermostat in a room that accurately represents the temperatures in all rooms in your home. Also, request them to install the device at a height that only adults can reach comfortably.

Cranking Up the Thermostat

While most people assume that cranking up the thermostat will prompt the HVAC system to heat their homes more quickly, systems don’t operate in that manner. Setting the device too high only causes the HVAC system to overwork, increasing energy and repair costs. Use your usual settings for better results.

If you suspect your thermostat is faulty, our service technicians are always ready to help. Contact Springfield Heating and Air for professional heating services. We will inspect your device and repair it to ensure it communicates efficiently with your HVAC system.

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