4 Reasons to Invest in an Energy Recover Ventilator

It’s no secret that Ridgeland, MS, is a great place to live. But investing in an energy recovery ventilator can make your life even better. Here are four reasons you should go ahead and invest in an ERV:

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

One way to improve indoor air quality is to install an energy recovery ventilator. It improves the air quality in your home by exchanging stale inside air with fresh outside air. This process helps to remove pollutants and irritants from the stale air like pollen and dust while also introducing fresh and clean air into your home.

Improves Moisture Control

An energy recovery ventilator helps improve moisture control in your home by removing excess humidity and venting it outside. In transferring heat energy in the two air streams, the ERV also transfers the moisture with the heat. As such, it creates a balance by distributing moisture from more humid areas to less humid ones.

Removes Unpleasant Smells

Investing in an ERV helps to create a fresher and more pleasant environment in your home. By constantly mixing fresh air with stale air, ERVs help to dilute and remove any unpleasant smells from home. This is especially beneficial in homes with pets or small children, as it can help to remove any lingering smells from cooking or cleaning.

Offers Energy Savings

ERVs can help to reduce your energy bills by recapturing heat energy from the air and using it to pre-condition the fresh outside air coming into your home. This process can help to reduce your heating costs in the winter months and your cooling costs in the summer months.

If you’re a resident in Ridgeland, MS, and want to learn more about energy recovery ventilators or need an AC repair, contact us at Springfield Heating and Air. We will be glad to provide you with the best HVAC services that fulfill your needs.

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