Tank Trouble: 3 Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair

A cold shower doesn’t have to be the wake-up call that lets you know your water heater is on the fritz. Knowing the signs of impending water heater failure keeps you one step ahead of an icy stream of water. If any of the following issues are happening at your home, you’ll need a water heater repair in Ridgeland, MS, right away:

Inconsistent Water Temperature

Is your water taking longer to heat? Maybe the water is producing a scalding stream for no apparent reason. Fluctuating water temperatures are often the first signs of water heater troubles. It’s a good idea to call a plumber to inspect the water heater and make repairs. When you address irregular heating issues early, you stave off costly repairs and prevent an emergency water heater replacement.

Hot Water Cools Fast

Tank water heaters hold anywhere from 40 to 100 gallons of water and rely on heating elements to heat the water. When hot water flows from your bathtub faucet, kitchen sink or showerhead, it shouldn’t cool right away. If the water doesn’t stay hot for long and no other fixtures or appliances are using hot water, the problem is likely damaged water heating elements. Call a plumber to replace these essential parts.

Popping or Cracking Sounds

Aging water heating systems might start making odd sounds such as cracking, popping or banging. Don’t dismiss these sounds as signs of normal operation. A buildup of mineral deposits on the heating elements is one of the most common reasons for these sounds. A broken dip tube that causes hot and cold water to mix could also cause strange water heater sounds.

Water heaters work around the clock and endure their fair share of stress. Eventually, problems will show up that need repairing. If you have questions about your water heater, we’re here to help. Call Springfield Heating and Air to schedule a water heater repair.

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