3 Usual Causes of Poor Airflow and Inefficiency in Ridgeland, MS

Poor airflow is one of the worst things that can happen to an HVAC system. That’s because many other problems typically follow. By knowing the causes of poor airflow, you can avoid decreases in HVAC efficiency, breakdowns, early collapses and other things worth avoiding. Here are three common causes of poor airflow for homeowners in Ridgeland, MS:

Clogged Air Filter

Dirty air filters are one of the most frequent and significant contributors to weak airflow. As time goes by, your HVAC system will process air that contains pollutants. These pollutants will accumulate on the filter, and enough of them could eventually make it difficult for air to move freely through your HVAC system.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to deal with this problem. Just remember to change your filters at least once every three months. You can even do this on your own.

Dirty Coils

Debris can get inside of your HVAC system’s coils just as it can get into its filters. The coils perform the critical function of evaporating and condensing refrigerant that moves through your system, thereby moving heat from one place to another. When dirt, stray sticks, leaves and other things get into your coils, they can grind your whole HVAC system to a halt and stop airflow.

Cleaning coils is one of the things that an HVAC service technician is most likely to do during a maintenance checkup. They may also do things like tighten valves and replace refrigerant. To keep HVAC system performance high, you must always remember to schedule maintenance at least once per year.

Ductwork Issues

Ductwork problems can also choke off airflow. Your ducts may have holes in them through which air leaks out, or they may be full of debris that restricts airflow. Get professionals to perform a duct cleaning service.

The potential causes of bad airflow are as varied as the problems that it might create for your HVAC system. Call the pros at Springfield Heating and Air and ask for our HVAC services so that we can keep things working for you in Ridgeland, MS.

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