3 Signs Your AC System Has a Bad Sensor in Brandon, MS

Air conditioners are the lifesavers of summer. When yours isn’t working properly, it can be a major inconvenience and potential health risk. An AC sensor monitors the home’s temperature, so if it doesn’t seem like it’s working, it’s a must to call in a professional. The following are three signs you may have a bad sensor in your AC system at your home in Brandon, MS:

Continuously Cold Air

Your AC system continuously blowing cold air probably doesn’t sound like a bad thing considering its function, but it’s supposed to stop when the sensor recognizes the room is the temperature at which you set it. If it doesn’t do that and continuously blows cold air anyway, it’s a sign there may be an issue with your AC sensor. An HVAC service technician can do a maintenance check to determine if the sensor is the issue or if it’s something else.

Increased Energy Bills

You know how much your utility bills are each month, so it’s usually easy to notice when something doesn’t seem right. Faulty sensors can lead to the AC system running inefficiently, which will cause your energy bills to spike. If you notice a dramatic increase in your cooling bills but haven’t changed your habits, it signifies there’s a potential AC sensor issue that needs professional attention.

Inconsistent Cycles

Air conditioners typically operate in consistent cycles. Your AC system will run to reach the desired temperature and shut off afterward. If it’s not doing that, and it’s operating on what seems to be random cycles with little-to-no consistency instead, it’s a sign the AC sensor may be having problems.

The previously mentioned signs are only a few of the potential indications of a problematic AC sensor. Don’t struggle with inconsistent temperatures in your home. Contact Springfield Heating and Air today for all your air conditioning repair needs so we can get you back to enjoying a comfortable home all summer long.

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